Logo, perfect start for every brand. I will send you 3 initial concepts after you have filled up a Logo Brief. After that we can develop one concept or we can continue with 3 new concepts. Logo projects start at 149 Euros for Standard Service and go up to 499 for  Golden Service Type.

Please notify me if you dont want me to use your logo in my portfolio after the contest

Getting a perfect packaging for your product is mandatory! Slip inside a nicely designed Thank You for Purchase card or Feedback Instruction and 5 stars review is guaranteed! You can start at Standard Service type at 149 Euros or you can choose Our Best Buy – Silver Service.

Let me know if you do not want me to use you

Lets face it, if you dont have perfect images on the amazon page, who will click on your product? Nobody, probably. In order to avoid german photographers who are overcharging + you have to wait for months for pictures, we offer Photo Studio services. Get your product shoot in HD and then stylized in Photoshop. Whole process takes only few days.

There are some additional expenses that include product shipping to Serbia, you will have to cover that, but its nothing too big.

You already have HD photos of your product? Are your images optimized and stylized enough in Photoshop to attract the clicks of customers? If not, I can help you out with that for price of 15 Euros per picture. Usually there are only 6-7 images on each product listing, so you better have perfect images. Prepare all the files and text.

Let me know if you do not want me to use your photos in my portfolio. 

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