Photo Studio Service

499 Euro

When we get your product delivered, we will take it to a proffessional Photo Studio.
The process of taking pictures and creation of photos with stylized texts and infographics
takes about 7 days. You can see the quality of the Photo Studio Services below in the 
portfolio section. Please contact me for the home address for the product delivery.

The whole process for Photo studio services and then further retouching of images in Photoshop looks something like this: You will need to send me your product to my address (provided after we talk). Usually it takes about 10 days for a package to arrive, and after that I will start working with preliminary photo shooting. After some testing and making of perfect scenery for each photo variation, I will start taking HD images in my Photo Studio. This will take few days. After that, I will take these RAW images and start retouching everything in Photoshop. Making 1500×1500 or 3000×3000 pixels images and adding the text + illustration to images. We will be in contact during the whole process and I usually send results of images without text + illustration in order to confirm that this is wanted appearance.